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College [Oct. 8th, 2008|12:21 am]
Hi guys.. I'm in college...

So my life.. I know i haven't posted but i have that whole break up thing loop hole that allows me a "get out of jail"

Soo.. our room is TINY but coozy. We basically live with allie. She's over 90% of the time.. sleeps here 3 nights a week.. as a spare toothbrush in my drawer and some clothes. We also have a walk in closet next door to our room that houses our hamster.. peach and scarlet.. who we were told were both girls.. but now we have 4 new baby hamsters... lesbians nowadays.

Um let's see.. classes are ok.. my religion class is prob the most interesting.. eastern religions.

We go to our friends' off campus houses/ apartments. Mike vin and a bunch of our friends from freshman year have a house. OUr friend sne has an apartment we smoke hookah in all the time. Aaron.. Lauren's lover from freshman year/ no rekindled friendship has a gorgeous place.. just a bunch of people.

We went home to allie's one weekend for a relaxing suburban get a away. Went apple picking and other small town shop stuff. Baked with apples.. came home to watch tv with her parents drink some wine and sit by her fire place. We woke up in the morning to french toast and mimosas. Her parents are all about getting us drunk.. i love it.

This whole lee drama is so stressful. its like everyday i break up with him again. we got in a huge fight last night.. his birthday lol He just doesn't understand. He calls me selfish for wanting the break up and how i broke his heart. it;s so hard to be friends but hed FREAK if i cut off communication. im just soo frustrated and tired of this.

Cris and i had our traditional break up 1.5 liters of wine night that week i broke up with lee. We drunkenly played with hamsters and talked about our lives. quality.. although I'm taking a break from yellowtail for a bit haha

I went to a death cab for cutie concert at my school with allie and cris.. it was AMAZING. omg soo good i can't describe. then to our friends Sne's.Saturday i worked all day then we all went to mike/vins house for vin's birthday party. Eleanor was there. Vin told her NOT to come and he was trying to talk to me in the kitchen and she stood in the hall and watched us.. then followed him everywhere.. he kept trying to get away. she's so weird. She tried talking to me too im like please don't.. were not friends lol. We left and went to lauren;s co workers house. She really likes his room mate eric. Cute cute. Then vin was texting me but i was in the cab back to our place.. lauren practically kicked me out of the cab and told me to go have fun and live my life.. sooo i went back to vins and we hooked up. ok ok... i know what you're thinking.. but don't. I'm really happy about this. I wasn't even drunk.. i just like wanted to. I am in a much different place then freshman year and so is he. I've been talking to him since.. no awkwardness nothing. it is what it is and i dont regret it at all. then i called carly at 4 am hahaha

I'm forgetting so much... we go out every weekend. it's been very packed since we've got to school.. ups and downs with lee's visit then the break up and everything in between. But right now i'm happy. I'm happy with my decisions and i am living my own life. I have been doubting things with lee for awhile and it's kinda a weight of my shoulders to do what i have been thinking about for awhile. I just wasnt happy.

this weekend is a 3 day weekend. Lindsey.. lauren's sister is visiting as well as Danny Cris' bf! soo excited. It's gonna be fun. Lauren and Lindsey are getting matching tattoos of puzzle pieces with each others initials. Adn i get to spend quality time with danny.

OK i'll finish later but that's the general info. I love you all so much and I've been missing US a lot lately. I keep remembering our pod nights and when were all hanging over each other on a couch watching so tv or just talking. thanksgiving seems so far away... Ugh come back to me.. everyone... and erin move to fucking Boston already..!!!!

kisses and hugs

[User Picture]From: carlywolff
2008-10-09 12:40 am (UTC)
Ann keeps a toothbrush at our house too.
that break up thing only allows you one out. I expect you to be posting regularly from now on.
please don't play with animals when you're drunk. it won't end well.
loved our 4 am chat - it reminded me of our bday chats!
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[User Picture]From: erinkane
2008-10-11 02:32 pm (UTC)
i will be in boston soon enough my love...but then u leave after may again and alas i will be alone :( love youuuu call you after the weekend
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[User Picture]From: danielledelay
2008-10-12 08:04 pm (UTC)
lesbians are crazy nowadays. i should know. i think out of the group i've had the most contact with them and they're a fun bunch. why haven't we befriended more of them?
im going to say im sorry about lee for the 500th time but i am. but keep me posted on vin, and promise you will be careful.
you're beautiful and i love you tons. and come to cortland...there is a massage waiting for you :)
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[User Picture]From: lindsaybass
2008-10-13 03:37 am (UTC)
your hamsters live in the dark hahahahahahahahahah i love it
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