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rikkles's Journal

23 March 1988
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Tall, Red-headed, Long-legged beast, She ran a few laps around the track at Clarkstown High School North. Once she ran four of them in five minutes and eighteen seconds, but that was only because she was chasing Brandon Bass.
aimless drives, attending a couple proms, baking, banana wanton, beach trips, best friends, break dancing dates, calling frank, cheese slaps, chinese food, chocolate lollipops, city trips!, coffee dates, diners, fancy pod dinner parties, holiday parties, homecomings, mising a few trains, mower's eyebrow, oc nights, pancakes, partis on trains, passing salt dramatically, playing with woks, singing diners, sleepovers, southstreet seaport, taking over the world, the dome, the pod, walks around lakes